Doing Business With

Local Governments

Builders Exchange

Visit the Builders Exchange of Washington website to view solicitations for construction projects, goods, and services for local governments throughout Washington state.

MRSC Rosters

Register as a vendor on the Municipal Research and Services Center Rosters to view and respond to small works, goods and services contracting opportunities posted by many local government entities throughout Washington state.
Public Purchase

Register with Public Purchase to receive alerts on solicitations from Washington cities and agencies such as Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond and Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District.

State Governments

Department of Enterprise Services

The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services has oversight over all state procurement activity. Visit the site to learn how to do business with Washington state. Use the DES list of current contracts to find information on relevant state master contracts and solicitations.


Use Washington’s Electronic Business Solution site to watch and respond to opportunities with state agencies. Register as a vendor and receive email alerts when solicitations are posted that match your products or services. Use to define what your company offers and find relevant opportunities.

Western States Alliance Contract

The Western States Alliance Contract is procurement vehicle used by Washington and other states in the Western United States. Check the information on this site to see if your company can fulfill a posted master contract.

National Association of State Procurement Officials

Visit NASPO to find contact information for procurement officials in all 50 states.

Federal Governments

More information coming soon!


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